Wednesday, October 14, 2009

City Council Candidates Forum

The Historic Neighborhood Alliance is pleased and proud to deliver a huge THANK YOU to all who came out yesterday evening to attend the first inaugural HNA Candidates Forum held at the historic Salisbury Depot (pictured here in a 1907 postcard). It was a smash success with over 100 attendees, the largest assembled forum yet on the campaign trail! The questions posed to the candidates were indeed tough and thought-provoking. The answers to the questions, or the lack there-of, were most illuminating. Although here & there some missed the point of a question, others did an A+ job of not only answering but demonstrating that they had done their homework. In addition, the candidates had the opportunity to reveal something about themselves - an alternate goal of the event.

We learned a few things about amplifying and echoes in a large acoustic hall such as the Historic Depot. The entire event was video taped so if anyone needs clarification on any of the responses, the HNA may be able to get transcripts in the near future.

This was a true grassroots movement to get our City Council, incumbents or not, to THINK about the pressing issues their historic districts face EVERY DAY! Salisbury's Historic Neighborhoods are the jewels in her crown. We sincerely hope the candidates understand the issues that are unique to the historic districts ~ A Preservation Plan above and beyond the Land Ordinance, the 2020 Plan, and the Downtown Master Plan ~ Tougher ordinance language and enforcement to address the demolition-by-neglect syndrome ~ and the installation of a Housing Commission with a Rental Property registration and inspection program to protect both landlords and renters, to ensure minimum housing standards, and to address any criminal activity in a more consistent manner.

Be sure to place your informed vote this election! Absentee voting by mail opened October 2nd and continues. Thursday, 10/15/09, voters can come to the One-Stop Early Voting Site at the Rowan County Board of Elections, 130 W. Innes Street, Salisbury, NC to vote early for the upcoming Municipal Election. Hours will be from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.

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