Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Historic Neighborhoods Alliance First Annual Meeting

The Historic Neighborhood Alliance will host its first Annual Meeting on Wednesday August 16th at 6:00PM at the historic Stokes-Snider House ~ 324 N. Fulton Street.

If you live in, work in, or care about one of Salisbury's 10 historic districts, you should attend the First Annual Meeting of the Historic Neighborhoods Alliance ~ this Wednesday at 6PM at the Stokes~Snider House, 324 N Fulton Street. This organization needs support from residents of historic districts, neighborhood organizations, and interested parties. The premise is that what has an effect on one historic neighborhood affects all! 
The HNA hosts the Candidates Forum each local election year, and presents the Buy History annual historic open house event! Bring a dish to pass and see how you can help improve the quality of life in Salisbury's downtown neighborhoods!
HNA members have historically been 1-2 representatives from each historic neighborhood association.  However, all historic neighborhoods do not have formally organized associations and we feel they should not be excluded.  Further, there are aging neighborhoods, such as the City Park neighborhood, that do not have historic overlay designations but share similar issues as the designated districts.
Many projects are on the HNA 'wish-list'.  You could help these come to fruition!  One such project is the Historic District Map & Driving Tour. This project is eligible for a grant from the Tourism Development Authority!
We hope to see you at the first Annual Meeting of the Historic Neighborhoods Alliance!

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