Wednesday, May 12, 2010

HNA April Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Alisa Palmer (Fulton Heights), Sue McHugh (North Main), Debbie Lesley (Ellis Street), Andrew Pitner (Fulton Heights), Jack Thomson (HSF), Martha Hawkins (West Square), Ken Weaver (Brooklyn South Square), Edward Clement (West Square) and Christine Wilson (Fulton Heights).

Neighborhood Reports: concise update from each neighborhood. There were 5 neighborhoods represented at this meeting.

· North Main Street (NMSHD): Sue Miller said the Miller Street project was chosen for the City’s Arbor Day celebration and tree planting. This will happen on 4/23 from 11:30-1:30. Neighbors are organizing a Fork and Cork progressive dinner event. They are also working on a public interactive art project to install near Miller Street.

· Fulton Heights (FHHD): Alisa Palmer said Mambo Grill has plans to open in May in the old Foil Grocery building on South Fulton Street. They recently held a neighborhood interest hope house. The neighborhood had an Easter egg hunt at Centennial Park which was well attended. Fulton Heights was selected by Rowan Magazine as the Best Neighborhood. Selections were based on votes by the public.

· Brooklyn South Square (BSSHD): Ken Weaver said he is actively working on a rehab project on Shaver Street. House by house, they are starting to clean up the neighborhood. Also Neighborhood Watch signs have been installed.

· West Square (WSHD): Martha Hawkins said they are preparing for the neighborhood yard sale set for sometime in May.

· North Ellis Graded School (NEGSHD): Debbie Lesley said the neighborhood is actively working on the Shober Bridge issue. They are also working to get the redistricting of the lot near the Prince Charles apartments turned down.

Historic Salisbury Foundation Updates: Jack Thomson

· Shober Bridge photo for This Place Matters turned out great. The photo was sent to Preservation North Carolina and will be placed in an online album on the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s website The This Place Matters sign will be used again in the future to promote other vulnerable sites.

· Jack appealed to everyone who has not written a letter to the editor to do so. He will provide you with advice on the topic if you ask him

· Jack asks that the HNA form a task force to evaluate doing a preservation plan for Salisbury. The group discussed this idea and decided that they should ask for volunteers who would like to be on this task force.

· HSF has sold a couple of properties from its revolving fund and is in need of new properties. If there is a house in your neighborhood that you think is of potential for the fund please let Gwen know about it.

Buy History Event: Andrew Pitner

· 23 Houses will be open during the event. They have had a good response and have created a website for the event. They need some help distributing material on Saturday.

HNA Updates: Christine Wilson

· Our IRS application for non-profit status is almost ready to be mailed. The by-laws were updated some and Christine reviewed the updates and asked the board to accept the changes. The board voted unanimously in favor of the changes.

· Christine also reviewed the representatives for each of the neighborhoods that are represented as voting members of the board and the board officers. She asked that a motion be made to accept this information and for it to be included in the application. The board voted unanimously to accept the information. See below:

Board of Directors: each with neighborhood has 1 vote and HSF has one vote.

o Sue McHugh, 910 N Main Street, Salisbury 28144 – North Main Neighborhood Association (NOMA)
   Rebbeca Hyde, 919 Scales Street, Salisbury 28144 – North Main Neighborhood Association (NOMA)

o Andrew Pitner, 615 Wiley Avenue, Salisbury – Fulton Heights Neighborhood Association
   Alisa Palmer, 309 Wiley Avenue, Salisbury - Fulton Heights Neighborhood Association

o Betti Carli, 419 South Ellis Street, Salisbury – Residents of Olde Salisbury
   Martha Hawkins, 408 South Fulton Street, Salisbury – Residents of Olde Salisbury

o Ken Weaver, 424 East Bank Street, Salisbury – Brooklyn-South Square Neighborhood Association
   Lorraine Reidda– Brooklyn-South Square Neighborhood Association

o  Jack Thomson, PO Box 4221, Salisbury, 28145 – Historic Salisbury Foundation

Officers: Elected for a one-year term and shall hold office until a successor is qualified.

o Chair: Sue McHugh
o Vice Chair: Andrew Pitner
o Secretary: Christine Wilson
o Treasurer: Alisa Palmer

Next meeting date, time, and location :

· May 12, 2010 at the John Steele House
· Please RSVP to Christine at
· Meetings are held the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 5:15

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